Impact investing is the conscious use of capitalism to create positive social change and is currently benefiting hundreds of millions of people world-wide while providing competitive returns on investments. We are partnering with local members of the community, already involved in impact investing, to expand opportunities throughout the greater Santa Barbara area and beyond to show how philanthropy and investment can work together in creating sustainable social change.

We have selected three avenues to promote sustainable impact investing opportunities:

The first is to establish an impact investor group or groups. Properly organized and integrated, an investor group would be enormously successful. Our hope is that we can create, over time, a real community where people feel a sense of trust, where they can become highly skilled and successful at impact investing, and where we can have fun.

The second is to investigate potential local investment opportunities to see if there is enough support to engage foundational interest, in addition to private investor interest, in impact investing. By partnering with local community development institutions and key foundations, we hope to identify successful regional models in impact investing already operating around the country, as well as identify and develop local opportunities, and bring these models for use in Santa Barbara.

The third is to determine any positive role to play with local academic institutions in developing educational programs to expand knowledge and training in support of impact investing. Santa Barbara is fortunate in already having a range of established academic institutions, any of which could choose to step up to expand their course offerings or program options and respond to the millennial generation's desire to pursue some form of impact beyond personal financial success.