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We foster investment in and collaboration with local companies and organizations working to enhance the well-being of people and the planet.
The History of Sustainable Change Alliance
SCA was built from several years of study and research by private philanthropists, entrepreneurs, academics, and global non-profit staff seeking a supplement to charity that could fuel systemic change at the root of the problems it sought to address. Engaging with dozens of experts in impact investing, entrepreneurship and community foundations, that nascent SCA team brought leaders from across the local Santa Barbara community together with experienced practitioners of sustainable change. Convening over several days in 2016, leaders in Santa Barbara's non-profit, education, business and government communities learned from and collaborated with leaders
from the global financial ecosystem focused entirely on addressing social and environmental challenges with market-based approaches. From this gathering a new mindset for community change and improvement was born. The SCA is a unique impact investing organization because it grew from mutual interest among all major sectors of the local economy, bringing together motivated and interested parties from a broad array of backgrounds. We work together for the community with a common purpose: educate and encourage, find and fund the most promising efforts to make lasting change for our community's most pressing problems.
Today, we are becoming a leading resource for community-based impact investing.
We partner with local members of the community to expand their knowledge and provide opportunities throughout the greater Santa Barbara area and beyond, and show how philanthropy and investment can work together in creating sustainable social change. Our goal is to create a replicable model that innovative communities across the nation and around the world can employ in addressing their own social and environmental issues. 
We believe Santa Barbara’s unique environment of socially-focused entrepreneurial efforts, significant pools of
foundation and philanthropic individual capital, supportive government and non-profit communities, and an involved public can lead to Santa Barbara becoming a nationwide model for successful local impact investing. Our hope is that we can create, over time, a real community of this investor group, where people feel a sense of trust, where they can share their own values and motivations which lie behind their desire to do good, where they can become highly skilled and successful at impact investing to move the world toward sustainability, and where we can have fun.
Why Sustainable Change Alliance?
Create systems change where possible
Gain more capital from successful ventures
Create sustainable organizations while diminishing the need for constant fundraising
Attract and keep capital into Santa Barbara
Family funds and financial advisors can increase their ability to help Santa Barbara's needs
Create measurable change
Improve Santa Barbara's economy
Create more good jobs

Become a more educated impact investor

Join us.
Building community through impact investing in Santa Barbara, California.
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