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Commercial Advisor

Dennis Houghton has over 40 years of executive experience in the biotech, software and med-tech industries. 


Dennis started his career at G.D. Searle & Co. ; a Chicago based pharmaceutical company. For over 15 years Dennis attained positions of greater responsibility culminating as the National Director of Managed Care Programs. Monsanto acquired Searle for $6 billion in 1985. 


Dennis then joined Synergen, based in Boulder, Colorado as Director of Managed Care, and then National Sales Director. Dennis subsequently worked at MedImmune as Director of Managed Care and Cubist Pharmaceuticals where his responsibilities included recruiting the sales force, developing customer policy, contracts and sales systems. Following Cubist, Dennis joined Durata Therapeutics in 2013 as Senior Director, responsible for developing national account strategy and business relationships with the nation’s top health systems. 


For the past six years, Dennis has served as a Commercial Advisor or Board Member at several biotech and wearable medical sensor startups including GI Logic, Inc., Milo Sensors, Xiretsa, Inc. and AVI.AI. He also serves as Chair, Santa Barbara Airport Commission and serves on Advisory Boards including the Santa Cruz Island Foundation, Channel Islands Restoration and the Clean Coalition.


Dennis’ passions include impact investing, improving patient healthcare, environmental restoration and enjoying the outdoors. In 2023 Dennis was invited to join the Explorer’s Club based in New York City and the National Park Service / National Marine Sanctuaries (NOAA) – Channel Islands Naturalist Corps. In addition, Dennis and his wife Janet are also active in micro finance where they have been Guarantors at MCE Social Capital since 2015.

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